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We are the creators of Cogynt and TacitRed.

We strive to provide the most advanced continuous intelligence solution that delivers actionable intelligence in time-sensitive use cases.

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Our History

Interior of the Cogility office in California.

Cogility first began operations in 2003 with the aim of developing solutions for complex computational problems. Our sophisticated approach and pioneering data processing techniques soon attracted high-impact clients across numerous sectors, including the US military.

In 2019, under new ownership, Cogility launched Cogynt, the continuous intelligence suite that would become its flagship product. With almost two decades of research and development behind it, coupled with the company’s in-the-field problem-solving experience, Cogynt quickly achieved maturity. It now stands as the premier continuous intelligence platform for public and private organizations alike.

In 2023, Cogility unveiled the threat intelligence platform TacitRed. This exciting new product offered customers an easy-to-use set of continuous intelligence tools to monitor vendor risk and prevent third-party security breaches. By reducing the barrier to entry for comprehensive security solutions, Cogility helped operations of any size and scale protect themselves against an evolving threat landscape.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made at Cogility, but we’re just getting started.

Leadership Team

Get to know our top managers, driving Cogility with expertise, innovation, and a passion for excellence

Jim Drumright

Barbara Nash
Board Secretary, General Counsel

Andrew Davis
Head of Product

Jeremy Turner
Head of Cyber and Risk

Dmitry Kochubey
Head of Engineering

The Cogility team has demonstrated the same core values that guide the USAF; integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. I can’t say enough about how impressed the USAF has been with Cogility.



  • Introducing TacitRed, Setting the New Standard for EASM

    Cogility just raised the bar for External Attack Surface Management with the launch of their TacitRed Tactical Attack Surface Intelligence Solution. TacitRed is a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize how security teams manage and mitigate active cyber risks by offering continuous, curated attack surface threat intelligence to optimize threat identification, risk assessment, exposure prevention, and…

  • Snowflake Breach: Details, Prevention… and TacitRed

    The cybercriminal “Whitewarlock” claims to have attempted to blackmail Snowflake to the tune of $20,000,000 in BTC to not disclose sensitive customer data stored in Snowflake. According to the threat actor, Snowflake did not pay, and the threat actor then started selling data breaches individually starting with Ticketmaster, then Santander.

  • Detect AI Bot Swarms Using COGYNT

    In a world where artificial intelligence is more accessible than ever, and individuals can do the work of entire tech teams, technological risks and opportunities are equally amplified. We are on the cusp of AI bot swarms overwhelming social platforms.

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