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We are the creators of Cogynt.

We strive to provide the most advanced continuous intelligence solution that delivers actionable intelligence in time-sensitive use cases.


Cogility has been developing analytic solutions for over 10 years. A valuable lesson we’ve learned is that the best analysts don’t usually have good programming skills, and good programmers don’t usually have strong analyst backgrounds. Cogility’s mission has been to close this gap by empowering analysts to more efficiently and effectively use their cognitive skills to probe data - without any coding dependencies.

Since 2009, Cogility has been a software analytic company that developed and applied Hierarchical Complex Event (HCEP) that analyzes both social and technical behaviors providing advanced situation awareness and decision support in the most challenging and time sensitive use cases. Cogynt is our latest implementation of HCEP that employs a declarative, zero coding authoring capability that empowers analysts to work directly with the analytic without the need for programmers.


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Complex Event Processing As a Behavioral Analytic

Learn how complex event processing, or CEP, processes real-time events and extracts information from event streams as they arrive.

Cogynt – Continuous Intelligence Explained

Learn how Cogynt reduces the uncertainty of decision-making in time sensitive, highly complex environments.

Barnaby Meadows joins Cogility as Head of Marketing

Cogility has expanded its team appointing a new marketing leader to accelerate the success and adoption of Cogynt, a continuous intelligence (no code) platform.

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