Cogility Software provides the most advanced continuous intelligence solution that delivers actionable intelligence in time-sensitive use cases.

Cogynt, a platform by Cogility Software, gives you room for creative problem-solving. Instantaneously extract and visualize key insights from your streaming data.

  • No matter your background, you can compose, deploy, and iterate hierarchical behavioral patterns that can identify patterns from complex data in real-time to assess risk and opportunities.
  • Cogynt allows data engineers to build and manage data pipelines with ease, enabling them to instantiate and evolve their pipelines along with their data.
  • Cogynt empowers decision-makers and product owners to maintain situation awareness and enables effective decision making.

Now you have the power to hypothesize, author and refine your analysis at think speed.


Cogynt Platform

Cogynt for
Decision Support

Cogynt provides full, 360 degree situation awareness and decision support. Now you can be proactive, not reactive, when making decisions in complex, time-sensitive operational environments.

Cogynt for
Event Stream Processing

Cogynt is an Event Streaming Platform with augmented Apache Kafka and Flink and a no-code authoring feature, allowing you to easily create complex Flink jobs with zero code.

Broad Industry and Market Applications

Cogynt’s behavioral analytic can be applied in any market with a need to fuse multiple concurrent data sources to detect complex patterns and derive actionable insights.


Fraud, AML, and a 360 degree customer view

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Risk Assessment modeling and real-time situational awareness

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Public Safety

Emergency response and resource allocation

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Law Enforcement

Real-time situational awareness, information sharing, and prison safety

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Supply chain and asset tracking, Continuous maintenance, and the IoT

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The Cogynt Platform Analytic

Cogynt Platform is a big data real-time behavioral analytic platform that delivers continuous insights.

Streaming Technologies
Cogynt employs market leading streaming technologies Apache Kafka and Apache Flink.

Authoring with Zero Code
You can author event patterns at think speed through a declarative zero code graphical notation.

Analyst Workstation
Our widget based visualization and analysis console enables simple and effective workflows so that you can maintain situational awareness and easily drill down to the most important information.

Big Picture Dashboard
Advanced situational awareness is integrated into the Cogynt Platform.


Andrew Davis joins Cogility as Head of Product
The Cogility team is pleased to announce that Andrew Davis has joined as Cogynt’s Head of Product.
Cogynt – A Comprehensive Solution to Insider Threats
Learn how Cogynt takes on insider threats with continuous intelligence.
Cogynt – A Continuous Intelligence Platform
Learn how Cogynt empowers Chief Risk Officers and Intelligence Analysts alike with continuous intelligence.

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