Welcome to the Cogility Tacit Red Alpha Program

This is your opportunity to help us at Cogility design the best Cyber Third-Party Risk solution in the World!

Our Solution

Cogility Tacit Red continuously monitors internal and external cyber risks on an always-on basis in near real-time. It identifies targeted technologies and actively detects malware compromises and network interactions related to ongoing threat actor operations. All the most damaging, headline-grabbing hacks of recent years—Colonial Pipeline, Maersk, Okta, Target, SolarWinds—would have been flagged by Tacit Red.

Onboarding and Evaluation Process

  1. Complete the Onboarding Questionnaire
  2. Complete and sign the Evaluation Service Agreement (sent to you via email)
  3. Be available for short periodic check-ins with the Cogility Team once you familiarize yourself with Tacit Red. The Tacit Red Team will coordinate these meetings with you


We are excited to get started. So please do not hesitate to contact one of the team at [email protected] or connect directly with your Cogility contact.

Addtional Resources