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TacitRed alerts you to third-party breaches before they happen
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TacitRed analyzes terabytes of streaming data, giving you the earliest possible warning that a critical vendor has been compromised.


TacitRed’s findings consider both sides of a cyber attack — the targeted organizations and the threat actors — ensuring an unmatched level of accuracy.


TacitRed lets you peek “under the hood” at the Bayesian scoring model and deep dive into the context of every reported incident for full transparency.

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Get a detailed view of all supplier’s cyber risks

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Filter your suppliers by risk score, threats, and categories

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Investigate your threat findings in detail

The problem

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is full of smart and capable adversaries. They know that a direct attack on your network is difficult and has a low chance of success.

That’s why more and more, they are going after softer targets — your third-party vendors. Companies that don’t have the resources or expertise to monitor and defend against their attacks.

The status quo

How do you know if your third-party vendor takes cybersecurity as seriously as you do? How confident are you that your suppliers would notify you of a breach involving your sensitive information?

Until now you had two options. Take their word for it. Or trust opaque and outdated ratings, certifications, scores, and letter grades.

Ratings are fine if you just want to check a box for compliance. But they don’t help where it really counts.

They don’t reduce the mean time it takes to detect and respond to imminent threats.

We don’t think that’s good enough.

The solution

First we started with a platform powerful enough to ingest technology signals for the entire United States.

Then we fed that data through world-class, threat intelligence models.

Finally we wrapped all of it in a slick, no-nonsense user interface that only calls your attention to urgent threats.

The results?

With TacitRed — you might know your vendor has been hacked before they do.

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