Instant, Informed Intelligence from Streaming Data

Gain insights and make informed decisions—even in the most time-sensitive situations—with the Cogynt continuous intelligence platform.

The world’s most advanced continuous intelligence solutions, trusted to solve the world’s most critical intelligence challenges.

No matter your background, instantly assess risk and opportunities by identifying behavioral patterns in complex data.

Intelligence community
Direct real-time insight
Public Safety
Real-time optimized resource allocation
360 view of every customer, AML, Fraud Detection
Real-time supply change and asset tracking, continuous maintenance, and IoT
Law Enforcement
Real-time situational awareness, information sharing, and prison safety

Event Stream Processing

Cogynt is an Event Streaming Platform that augments Apache Flink and Kafka, with a zero-code authoring feature that allows you to easily create complex Flink jobs with a single click.

Real-time Semantic Intelligence

Using Cogility's HCEP technology for analytic systems can mean less crime, lives saved, and effective monitoring of authorized communications.

Cogynt Analytic:
Continuous insight. Zero code.

Cogynt’s intuitively-designed authoring environment and its push-button visualizations require no programming to use.

Cogynt is a force multiplier. Your team can now spend less time taming data and more time extracting value from that data.

Cogynt allows you to express business questions as event patterns, and these event patterns abstract pertinent data, generate new outcomes and produce actionable insights.

Cogility pioneered Hierarchical Complex Event Processing (HCEP)

Why? Understanding complexity requires abstraction.
HCEP makes real-time intelligence possible.

Hierarchical Complex Event Processing (HCEP) is the core of the Cogynt analytic technology. It takes into account multiple dimensions and factors that alone might have limited meaning, but in combination and context, could present potential risk or opportunity.

HCEP enables Cogynt to note the absence of a critical pattern element. These “absences” are often critical to understanding or contextualizing the event pattern.

The result? Critical, actionable insights in even the most complex data streams, provided instantly.


Complex Event Processing As a Behavioral Analytic

Learn how complex event processing, or CEP, processes real-time events and extracts information from event streams as they arrive.

Cogynt – Continuous Intelligence Explained

Learn how Cogynt reduces the uncertainty of decision-making in time sensitive, highly complex environments.

Barnaby Meadows joins Cogility as Head of Marketing

Cogility has expanded its team appointing a new marketing leader to accelerate the success and adoption of Cogynt, a continuous intelligence (no code) platform.

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