Complex Event Processing As a Behavioral Analytic

Learn how complex event processing, or CEP, processes real-time events and extracts information from event streams as they arrive.

Cogynt – Continuous Intelligence Explained

Learn how Cogynt reduces the uncertainty of decision-making in time sensitive, highly complex environments.

Barnaby Meadows joins Cogility as Head of Marketing

Cogility has expanded its team appointing a new marketing leader to accelerate the success and adoption of Cogynt, a continuous intelligence (no code) platform.

Cogynt – A Comprehensive Solution to Insider Threats

Learn how Cogynt takes on insider threats with continuous intelligence.

Andrew Davis joins Cogility as Head of Product

The Cogility team is pleased to announce that Andrew Davis has joined as Cogynt's Head of Product.

Cogynt – A Continuous Intelligence Platform

Learn how Cogynt empowers Chief Risk Officers and Intelligence Analysts alike with continuous intelligence.

Jeremy Turner joins Cogility as an Advisor

The Cogility team is pleased to announce that Jeremy Turner has joined as an Advisor.

Cogynt: Flink without code — Samantha Chan

In our data-driven world, the need for speed has never been greater.

Enhancing the Human Analytical Process through Complex Event Processing

At Cogility, we’ve been working with complex event processing (CEP) as a foundational part of our data analytics work since our founding.

Aslam Tajwala Flink Forward Presentation

Flink Forward produced video of Aslam's Cogynt presentation

Cogynt Analytic at Flink Forward 2019

Cogility will be presenting at 2019's Flink Forward conference in San Francisco!