Andrew Davis joins Cogility as Head of Product

The Cogility team is pleased to announce that Andrew Davis has joined Cogility as Head of Product. Davis’s 10+ years of experience in product management and project management plus his domain knowledge of data science and mathematics makes him perfectly suited to oversee the Cogynt product. Throughout his career, Andrew has launched and managed B2B and B2C digital product portfolios and built out teams of product managers, engineers, and designers.

“Cogynt is one of the most exciting products I’ve ever seen. It allows companies to transform decades of accumulated, proprietary SME knowledge into a full-featured, persistent, streaming intelligence platform – all without writing a single line of code – and our ability to deploy to a virtual private cloud ensures our customers’ knowledge truly stays in-house. The possibilities of such a platform extend to nearly any industry, particularly where simple rule-based and business logic platforms fall short. In addition, Cogynt’s output data stream is available in Kafka, which makes it available to any other application, and offers full provenance, which is essential when ‘explainability’ of augmented or automated decision-making is a must-have.”

Andrew Davis, Head of Product

“Andrew has already made exceptional contributions to the team, and the product, and we are thrilled to have someone with his skills and personality join our team.”

Martin Artiano, CEO