Cogynt v2.12 Now Available

We’re proud to announce the release of Cogynt v2.12. As always, this release packs a punch with new features and optimizations. The full list of improvements is available in the Cogynt v2.12 Release Notes.

Data Management Tool

  • Removed support for Geo JSON and array data types in S3 connector builder.
  • Removed support to overwrite topic upon publishing records to Kafka via the Manual Entry and File Upload features.

Authoring Tool

  • Users can now choose to deploy their Flink jobs starting from a specific timestamp, referencing either the timestamp in the data or the local time.
  • The deployment configuration page now organizes different logical sections and configurations in different tabs for improved workflow.
  • TTL can now be applied to input records that have matched a pattern, in addition to the original capability of applying only to input records that do not match.

Report Builder

  • The previous Report Builder > Collection Report has been renamed to Basic Collection Builder.
  • Added a new Advanced Collection Builder type for users to build customized and detailed report templates in Microsoft Word. These templates are uploaded to Report Builder.
  • Added an Export to docx template export option to collections. This is for rapid testing/iteration of Advanced Collection Builder templates. This is only accessible by users with access to Collection Export and Report Builder.
  • Enhanced Report Builder so that exports of empty values show as “n/a” instead of empty space.

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