Cogility Releases TacitRed – Early Edition

We are pleased to announce the official launch of TacitRed – early edition release. TacitRed provides actionable intelligence on your external attack surface, the vulnerable internet facing assets and susceptible end users that are the prey of cyber criminals and nation-state threat actors.

Our SaaS solution provides on-demand, fully curated, prioritized threat intelligene. Through our interactive dashboard (or via API), we provide security analysts high fidelity findings that clearly shows current compromises and developing cyber-attacks including threat severity and cyber attack chain stage – so that you can protect your organization before cyber adversaries can do material damage. Forget tools that bury you with more data to search through with endless copy, paste and pivots or those risk assessment tools that offer opaque scores and arbitrary grades with irrelevant or outdated information.

TacitRed is not a threat intelligence aggregator, arbitrary risk scorer, or compliance checklist re-purposed for third party risk. It’s designed from the ground up by a team with decades of experience in cyber analysis to give their peers exactly what matters to take immediate, prioritized, and decisive actions to quickly mobilize mitigation processes for attacked and high target assets.

– Go beyond the scorecard with findings about ongoing reconnaissance, probes, compromised accounts, compromised sessions and active data exfiltration happening to your vendors.

– Best of breed edge attack surface enumeration allows you to simply enter a domain and our advanced enumeration techniques autonomously find an entity’s internet infrastructure.

– Focus on what matters most with curated data on actual, high severity attacks and at imminent risk exposures with no useless data distractions.

– Easy to use log in, type in first-party and third-party domains, and see the pertinent findings.

Currently, TacitRed is offered as early availability edition. Anyone interested in signing up for this advanced release are welcome to register at , should do so using at

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