Case File Management

Gain situational awareness across the organization. Boost your team’s capabilities with data provenance, unique investigative capabilities, and easy report building.

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Use Cases & Sample Projects

Easily Maintain and Update Comprehensive Records 

Cogynt makes it simple to catalogue and track every one of a case’s key details. Tell Cogynt what data sources to monitor and which findings to highlight, then watch as your records automatically update with each influx of data. Put all of a subject’s collected data in one place for convenient review and effortless collaboration among analysts. No matter the size or quantity of your cases, Cogynt can help keep them as accurate and up to date as possible.

Collaborate Efficiently and Effectively

Increase your team’s true analytical potential with Cogynt’s many collaboration features. Alert specific groups or individuals of relevant updates to ensure they don’t miss important new details. Comments, histories, and user tagging allow detailed conversations about cases. Customizable document templates let you export key findings as standalone documents for easy archiving or distribution. Let Cogynt unlock your team’s true capabilities.

Cogynt Benefits

Predictive Intelligence

Continuous monitoring and assessing the entire insider threat risk surface; enhance insight, understanding, and advanced situational awareness.

Smarter Decisions

Provides the highest level of contextual (behavioral) intelligence for Analysts and Decision-Makers to make informed decisions.

Scale & Performance

Minimize risk by ingesting and analyzing all data at scale without increasing the processing load on Data Scientists and Threat Analysts.


Define and deploy scalable analytic solutions within minutes with the Cogynt zero code authoring solution.


  • Introducing TacitRed, Setting the New Standard for EASM

    Cogility just raised the bar for External Attack Surface Management with the launch of their TacitRed Tactical Attack Surface Intelligence Solution. TacitRed is a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize how security teams manage and mitigate active cyber risks by offering continuous, curated attack surface threat intelligence to optimize threat identification, risk assessment, exposure prevention, and…

  • Snowflake Breach: Details, Prevention… and TacitRed

    The cybercriminal “Whitewarlock” claims to have attempted to blackmail Snowflake to the tune of $20,000,000 in BTC to not disclose sensitive customer data stored in Snowflake. According to the threat actor, Snowflake did not pay, and the threat actor then started selling data breaches individually starting with Ticketmaster, then Santander.

  • Detect AI Bot Swarms Using COGYNT

    In a world where artificial intelligence is more accessible than ever, and individuals can do the work of entire tech teams, technological risks and opportunities are equally amplified. We are on the cusp of AI bot swarms overwhelming social platforms.

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