Unleash the power of smarter real-time analytics with less development effort.

Cogynt enhances the effectiveness of your analytic design cycle time, increasing your enterprise agility.

We offer our solution in a secure, scalable cloud or on-premise, and it can be customized to satisfy the unique requirements of any business.

How it works

At Cogynt’s core is a specialized processing technology called HCEP (Hierarchical Complex Event Processing) — a technique that combines data models for multi-dimensional analysis at different complexity levels.

Our model-centric approach allows you to quickly and efficiently run business logic on data collected from disparate sources for real-time gaining, actionable insights.

…all with zero code. That means less development effort, lower development cost and faster to solution.

Work at think speed.

Workflow Comparison Chart | Regular Workflow is 5 Days to deployment, with Cogynt deployment can happen in 30 minutes


Actionable Insights

HCEP produces actionable insights from complex and noisy data. By filtering out the data that is not of interest, only matching data of interest to a pattern, and fully matching a pattern, it generates a new “abstract” event that has higher meaning. 


HCEP behavioral patterns are causal — the event patterns generate outcomes that can be deterministically traced to the originating events. This gives your analysts the confidence that system-generated conclusions are based on facts.

Bayesian Belief Network

HCEP doesn’t just give you a yes or no, it gives you all the shades of grey in between. By employing the Bayesian Belief Network, it both continuously updates the likelihood of future events and determines risks and opportunities so you can make informed and timely decisions.

Zero Code

Cogynt’s declarative zero code authoring environment allows you to easily create HCEP patterns that can author complex patterns within minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. The graphical modeling language used, Event Pattern Constraint Language (EPCL), can be easily learned.


Cogynt’s intuitively-designed authoring environment and its push-button visualizations require no programming to use. With Cogynt, users can analyze all streaming data and events in real-time, creating, testing, and verifying the understanding of their business needs on the fly.


Cogynt allows you to translate business questions into analytic solutions through the creation and deployment of event patterns. Cogynt event patterns abstract pertinent data, generate new outcomes and produce actionable insights. Our approach fuels an HCEP engine allowing for true real-time processing of streaming data for immediate decision support possible.


Cogynt is a force multiplier. Data scientists and engineers can now spend less time taming data and more time extracting value from that data. By optimizing your workflow with Cogynt, you can increase your operational agility and efficiency. Stop operating reactively; quickly make decisions for proactive engagement and smarter resource allocation.


The Cogynt platform is helping prisons and jails monitor inmate phone calls to learn of criminal activity and head off potential suicides.

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