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Make your data work for you

All-Purpose Continuous Intelligence Suite

The Cogynt platform provides a full suite of tools that quickly and easily put the power of continuous intelligence at your fingertips

Whether you want to construct a model, analyze data sources, review intelligence findings, or customize your data intake, Cogynt has a solution ready to meet your needs

Features and Benefits


Authoring is Cogynt’s convenient, zero-code design environment for creating, updating, and deploying data models

  • Develop models with a few mouse clicks
  • Start quickly with built-in data discovery utilities
  • Customize how your data is processed with a rich function library
  • Easily identify, organize, and retrieve specific parts of models
  • Built-in safeguards keep your models error-free

Data Management Tool

Cogynt’s Data Management Tool makes it easy to upload your data for processing and modeling.

  • Easily upload large, complex files
  • Manual entry options for single data points
  • S3 connector compatibility for easy AWS data extraction
  • Activity monitors for tracking upload progress and errors


Workstation is a complete toolkit for seamlessly integrating Cogynt into your team’s existing workflow and putting your model’s findings to work.

  • Visualization and data synthesis tools to see the entire picture
  • Collaboration features for working with large teams
  • Report writing capabilities with professional formatting tools
  • Document export features for distributing findings

Why Cogynt?

Effortless continuous intelligence and real-time analytics

Monitoring Power

Cogynt offers the monitoring power of the most sophisticated intelligence engines, but takes a fraction of the effort to configure, customize, and deploy.

Scalable Cloud Solution

Whether you want an on-premises system or a secure, scalable cloud solution, Cogynt’s continuous intelligence infrastructure can be tailored for the needs and challenges of your business.

Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis

Cogynt harnesses the power of Hierarchical Complex Event Processing (HCEP), a cutting-edge technique for multi-dimensional data analysis.

Greater Efficiency

Turn noisy data into clear, actionable insights with far less time, effort, and cost involved.

Work at the speed of thought

Go from planning to execution in a matter of minutes

Image comparing a regular analytic workflow with a Cogynt workflow. Cogynt is much faster.

Cogynt’s zero-code interface makes it possible for a single person to create effective data analysis models that would otherwise require days of development and engineering

Cogynt Use Cases

Counter Insider Threats

Sometimes the greatest threats to your enterprise come from within. Cogynt can help you find them before their damage is done. Spot even the most well-concealed insider threat actions using Cogynt’s pattern analysis and recognition abilities.
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Mitigate Cyber Third-Party Risk

We don't just make Cogynt, we're also a customer. The powerful capabilities and efficiencies of Cogynt allowed our team to dream, develop, and deploy TacitRed — our cyber third-party risk management solution — in record time.
Learn more

True intelligence is always predictive.

—Robert M. Clark


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