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Explore the world of Counter-Insider Risk Management (C-InTM) with this set of introduction videos and white papers. Learn key factors and controls to modernize C-InT programs.

Modernize your Counter-Insider Threat Program

A continuous intelligence platform with an advanced behavioral analytic is needed to achieve comprehensive, proactive Counter-Insider Threat (C-InT) management. An integrated, scalable system that can handle the data processing and decision support demands, as well as streamline case assessment and mitigation efforts. 

Going beyond monitoring and reacting to explicit security violations and anomalies, Cogility incorporates Expert AI-based technical and psychosocial threat indicator patterns analysis to determine both explicit and predicted insider risk. When combined with its full case workflow management, Cogility whole person approach modernizes C-InT programs to help respond to and avoid insider threat incidents.

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Case File Management Matters

Program managers understand the challenges of building and managing an efficient C-InT operations team. Since operations teams are staffed by limited resources who possess a limited bandwidth, continuous improvement is an ongoing area of concern. Equally challenging is the need to advance processes and technology in ways that minimize employee turnover, facilitate uniform assessment and terminology, and maximize productivity.

It’s important to understand that the insider risk management and case management toolset you choose will either improve case manager proficiency and enable a proactive posture, or increase case file backlog and prolong a reactive posture. Read this white paper on Modernizing Counter-Insider Threat with Integrated Case Management,

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Cogynt provides a fundamentally different approach to detecting and countering insider threat risk. Other solutions primarily rely on user activity monitoring, which only provides half of the picture since this approach discovers technical indicators of risk only. Cogynt by contrast takes a whole-person approach to detecting risks by ingesting both technical and psychosocial indicators of risk, mapping, analyzing and weighting these risk indicators to behavior patterns, and creating a whole-person risk score and detailed profile.

By taking this holistic approach, Cogynt allows organizations to have a continuous, accurate, and predictive determination of insider risk - providing a window of opportunity to get left of harm.

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