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Challenges in Insider Risk Management

Insiders who destroy, steal, or leak sensitive information seriously threaten organizations. Effective Counter-Insider Threat approaches require continuous intelligence.

Insider risk management is a tricky problem. Behavioral and technical data analysis must occur in a predictive analytics environment to anticipate threats or risks ahead of possible harm (also known as “left of harm”). This approach allows for appropriate risk mitigation efforts to deter or avoid insider threat incidents.

Insider Threat Solution

Advanced, big data, and highly scalable behavioral analytic platform, Cogynt, providing the necessary innovation to manage Insider Threats effectively.

Cogynt Benefits

Predictive Intelligence

Continuous monitoring and assessing the entire insider threat risk surface; enhance insight, understanding, and advanced situational awareness.

Smarter Decisions

Provides the highest level of contextual (behavioral) intelligence for Analysts and Decision-Makers to make informed decisions.

Scale & Performance

Minimize risk by ingesting and analyzing all data at scale without increasing the processing load on Data Scientists and Threat Analysts.


Define and deploy scalable analytic solutions within minutes with the Cogynt zero code authoring solution.

Behavioral Factors on the Critical Path to Insider Threat

Diagram of behavior factors on the critical path to insider threat and whole person profile


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