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Situation awareness, real-time dashboards and alerts without writing a single line of code.

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Cogynt complements your existing technology and analytic investments by providing a packaged solution using Apache Kafka as the integration touchpoint.

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Cogynt’s behavioral analytic can be applied in any market to fuse multiple concurrent data sources, detecting complex patterns and deriving actionable insights.


Cogynt Platform

Cogynt provides advanced visualization options that include integrated dashboards and adaptable analyst tools and risk assessment.

Our scalable platform employs the best of breed open source technologies: both Apache Kafka, a best of breed pub/sub and stream storage solution, and Flink, the only analytic that provides continuous stateful computations allowing for long lived jobs and HCEP.

Cogynt allows data scientists and data engineers to easily create complex Flink jobs and quickly visualize the results, without any code. Our platform works with all event types including raw events generated from IoT devices, internet traffic and preprocessed data generated from AI and ML analytics. The result is situation awareness and actionable insights.

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  • Tracking Supershell with TacitRed

    Supershell is a c2 infrastructure run on webservers to provide a user interface to facilitate remote connections. We observed this c2 being used to set up back doors on targets in this campaign.

  • Cogynt v2.10 Now Available

    Read the latest Cogynt release notes.

  • Cogility Launches TacitRed Closed Beta

    Cogility announces the official start of the TacitRed Closed Beta program.

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