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From detecting bank fraud to preventing cyber attacks, ensure the integrity and resilience of your financial services against evolving threats.

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Business Intelligence at Market Speed 

Markets move quickly, leaving too many organizations scrambling to keep up. But with Cogynt, your business intelligence can match the market’s pace. Cogynt’s robust analytical framework lets you turn any continuous data stream into accurate, meaningful insights. Act upon new economic developments as soon as they happen, and stay on the cutting edge of the financial world. 

Powerful Valuation Logic at Your Fingertips

Cogynt’s sophisticated data analysis and pattern recognition abilities allow you to identify opportunities and evaluate prospects without writing a single line of code. Use tried-and-true technical analysis criteria to assess potential purchases and sales, or define your own metrics for financial soundness and have Cogynt apply them to the relevant data sets. Cogynt’s continuous analysis of streaming data ensures that you always have the most accurate predictions for any given moment.

Cogynt Benefits

Predictive Intelligence

Continuous monitoring and assessing the entire insider threat risk surface; enhance insight, understanding, and advanced situational awareness.

Smarter Decisions

Provides the highest level of contextual (behavioral) intelligence for Analysts and Decision-Makers to make informed decisions.

Scale & Performance

Minimize risk by ingesting and analyzing all data at scale without increasing the processing load on Data Scientists and Threat Analysts.


Define and deploy scalable analytic solutions within minutes with the Cogynt zero code authoring solution.


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