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The robust analysis platform that filters out noise and provides reliable findings with traceable logic.

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Actionable Intelligence in Evolving Situations 

In a crisis, the way forward is rarely clear. Incomplete information and rapidly changing circumstances make it difficult to ascertain the full details of the situation, complicating the decision-making process. But Cogynt is here to help. Our powerful analysis platform is designed to filter out the noise and process continuously updating data, giving you the intel you need to navigate uncertain situations.

Make Decisions with Confidence

Cogynt gives you reliable findings with traceable logic. An intuitive graphical interface shows you exactly how and why Cogynt reaches its conclusions, letting you double-check seemingly anomalous outputs and put surprising results before human eyes. Seeing the strength of Cogynt’s analysis for yourself means you can act on its findings with confidence.

Cogynt Benefits

Predictive Intelligence

Continuous monitoring and assessing the entire insider threat risk surface; enhance insight, understanding, and advanced situational awareness.

Smarter Decisions

Provides the highest level of contextual (behavioral) intelligence for Analysts and Decision-Makers to make informed decisions.

Scale & Performance

Minimize risk by ingesting and analyzing all data at scale without increasing the processing load on Data Scientists and Threat Analysts.


Define and deploy scalable analytic solutions within minutes with the Cogynt zero code authoring solution.


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