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Cogynt will increase your efficiency and agility. Make better-informed decisions, detect risks, and seize opportunities.

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Cogynt Platform for Smarter Decisions

Cogynt for
Decision Support

Cogynt provides full, 360 degree situation awareness and decision support. Now you can be proactive, not reactive, when making decisions in complex, time-sensitive operational environments.

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Cogynt for
Event Stream Processing

Cogynt is an Event Streaming Platform with augmented Apache Kafka and Flink and a no-code authoring feature, allowing you to easily create complex Flink jobs with zero code.

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Broad Industry and Market Applications

Cogynt’s behavioral analytic can be applied in any market that has a need to fuse multiple concurrent data sources, detect complex patterns within the data, and derive actionable insights from that data.


Understand human behavior and intent by assessing risk and opportunities, better utilizing available human resources in time-sensitive situations.


Understand customers with a 360 degree view enabling the anticipation of customer behaviors to better offer selected products and services.

Public Safety

Assess complex situations and make informed decisions on how best to allocate first responders and critical support assets.

Law Enforcement

Visualize and analyze crime patterns to efficiently allocate resources at the national, state, city, or municipal prisons and jails.


Monitor supply chains, detecting risks and connecting with other supply management systems to automate decisions and resolve bottlenecks.

Internet of Things

Monitor your connected devices and synthesize their data to see the full picture.

Counter Insider Threat

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Continuous Intelligence

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