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Unlock real threat findings instantly with just your company’s domain

Cyber Threat Intel in Realtime

Stop relying on vendors’ inaccurate internal security assessments and see their risks for yourself. Stay ahead of third-party breaches and cut your incident response time from days to hours.

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Features and Benefits


TacitRed automatically configures and tracks all internet-facing entities associated with vendor domains. Just enter a vendor’s URL, and TacitRed will handle the rest.


TacitRed’s findings consider both sides of a cyber attack — the targeted organizations and the threat actors — ensuring an unmatched level of accuracy.


TacitRed lets you peek “under the hood” at the Bayesian scoring model and deep dive into the context of every reported incident for full transparency.

Deep, Dynamic Threat Modeling

Identify new risk surfaces in real time. Learn which points of vulnerability are the most likely targets for cyberattacks. Actively track compromised systems and networks.

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Swift Remediation

Gain faster insights and risk assessments than with comparable solutions. Actionable intelligence for infected systems and networks lets you respond quickly.

Agility at Any Scale

Be up and running in minutes, with no input needed from your vendors. Zero implementation costs mean no new infrastructure expenditures. TacitRed is ready to serve any operation, of any size, right away.

Actionable Intelligence

TacitRed sampled 30K US companies over 30 days of telemetry data and discovered:


Affiliated Domains


Unique Affiliated IP Ranges


Exposed Attack Surfaces


Companies With Malware


Compromised Web Sessions


Companies Being Surveilled


Persistent Traffic To Threat Actors

Incomparable Threat Intelligence

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