The Cutting Edge of Continuous Intelligence

Cogynt combines proven intelligence principles with innovative data analysis technologies.

Harnessing years of meticulous research it puts the most advanced theories into practice to protect your enterprise – all without making you write a single line of code.

Sophisticated Processing Techniques

Cogynt uses Hierarchical Complex Event Processing (HCEP), a high-speed method for processing events in real time. HCEP filters out the noise in your data to reveal key information and actionable insights, empowering you to make critical decisions quickly.

  • Learn from the Past

    Capture lessons from the past with Cogynt’s computational hierarchy. Use evidence of prior issues (such as suspicious purchases, worrisome behaviors, or unusual occurrences) to create patterns for Cogynt to identify. Cogynt’s multi-level arrangement allows smaller patterns to feed into larger ones, letting you build accurate threat models whose findings you can trust.

  • Clarify the Present

    Cogynt’s stateful complex event processing keeps track of all current and pending patterns, evaluating them incrementally. This approach enables monitoring patterns over long periods and responding to new information right away. It ensures you always have the clearest picture of your domain – and the knowledge you need to act on it.

  • Shape the Future

    Cogynt’s probabilistic analysis uses Bayesian belief networks, advanced mathematical models that forecast the statistical likelihood of future events. Bayesian computations occur at every level of the Cogynt hierarchy, ensuring precise calculations and accurate predictions. You’ll know not only where to intervene, but when.

Simplify Complexity Without Sacrificing Accuracy

Cogynt uses a domain specific language called Event Pattern Constraint Language (EPCL), an easy-to-understand declarative system that removes the need for writing code. Cogynt’s graphical UI lets you define an ECPL threat model with a few clicks of your mouse, regardless of how simple or sophisticated your needs. And Cogynt’s durable backend ensures your models will work at any scale, across any timespan.

Our zero-code, low-touch design renders the complexity behind continuous intelligence invisible. The logistics of event streaming, state maintenance, and identifying complex behavioral patterns are all kept under the hood, allowing you to focus on the findings.

Intuitive Interfaces for the Entire Team

Whether you’re creating patterns, analyzing findings, or managing team workflow, Cogynt has a visual user interface tailored for the task at hand.

Cogynt Authoring

Authoring is Cogynt’s zero-code design environment for creating, updating, and deploying threat models. Point Authoring toward your data sources for dynamic modeling suggestions to get you started quickly. A rich library of computations and calculation functions offers virtually unlimited options for analyzing your data exactly the way you need. Built-in safeguards such as automatic consistency checks ensure that your models remain error-free and deploy flawlessly.

Cogynt Analyst Workstation

Analyst Workstation is a complete toolkit for reviewing and working with your threat model’s findings. It provides all you need to seamlessly integrate Cogynt into your team’s workflow. Robust visualization and data synthesis tools let analysts see the entire picture from any angle. Collaboration features protect against accidental data erasure and allow large teams to work on cases simultaneously. Onboard report writing capabilities make it easy to share your conclusions outside of Cogynt, whether you want to distribute a short summary or a detailed study.

Devoted applications for model creation, data processing, and results analysis keep things simple, letting your team members focus on their responsibilities.


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