Insider Threats: Cogynt Proactive Insider Threat Assessment

Essential ingredients of selecting a C-InT solution that meets or exceeds best practices is to implement methods and processes that transforms alerts and data into prioritized caseloads for the operations team, streamlines the day-to-day workflow, and tracks analyst actions for auditing and reporting purposes.

Cogility’s C-InT solution was designed to achieve this by continuously processing technical and behavioral data across personnel to calculate whole-person risk scores and generate profiles. The whole person approach prioritizes analyst investigation, facilitates assessments, and provides real-time performance insights for stakeholders. With its seamless deployment, end-to-end capabilities, and integrated case management, Cogility modernizes C-InT programs and helps operations teams achieve a proactive posture to better protect the organization against insider risk and get left of harm.

Watch this video to learn the advantages of whole person insider risk management and our Cogility C-InT solution.